The Simple Pleasure

by The Simple Pleasure

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Amber Tanenholz
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Amber Tanenholz This album gives me a boner. Favorite track: Hey Mister!.
Jamie Mykaela
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Jamie Mykaela Life sucks sometimes, but thanks to The Simple Pleasure, you no longer have to feel it. Favorite track: Karma's a Bitch.
zero waste reduce plastic
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zero waste reduce plastic Chad Raines is an excellent performer. This album is loud, catchy, serious, and fun. Favorite track: Carnival of Love.
Laura Jones
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Laura Jones Saw them at AFP gig in Glasgow, raised my eyebrow in suspicion, finally gave 'em a go 2 weeks later and shit...they're the kings of disco! Favorite track: Sexy Americans.
Stevi Deter
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Stevi Deter Makes me smile and dance every time I play it. Favorite track: LGBT.
Kirsten Wylde
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Kirsten Wylde So good! I had to buy this after seeing them live in Phoenix.
#SEXYDANCERIOTPARTY Favorite track: Carnival of Love.
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The latest album from the Simple Pleasure brings a little more soul and darkness then the other two. Included are also selected tracks from Chad Raines' musical Missed Connections - based on craig's list posts in and around New Haven. Favorites include "Tracy, Tracy, Tracy", "Carnival of Love" and "LGBT".


released September 10, 2012

Lipgloss Crisis for album art. Jessie England on vocals femme. Michael Attias on Saxophone. Admiral Grey vocals on "Karma's a Bitch". Some tracks engineered by Michael McQuilken at ArtFarm Studios. Some vocals engineered by Kitt at Blacklight Studios. Mastered by Jherek Bischoff. Produced by Chad Raines at the Shelter.


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The Simple Pleasure Las Vegas, Nevada

"...[The Simple Pleasure] provides escapism of the highest order...[serving] up infectious new-wave-inspired electro-glam with a provocative playfulness that mixes carnality with a sense of humor and stimulates dancing with wild abandon." - Ernie Paik (Shaking Ray Levi Society, Chattanooga Pulse) ... more

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Track Name: Sexy Americans
Woah, Sexy Americans! Look at them.

Well I remember when you’re mother was young. She would dance all night with the television tuned to the Americans (that’s what I am).
And with a face she could flicker the lights. And she looked so blue under the ceiling fan. She didn’t understand your grandparents.

I was there, there watching from the screen. And I’m here right here and I’m on your TV And its been a long time since I’ve seen you.
And if you give me just one more chance I can make one more generation dance and I will make you I will make you into one of them – sexy Americans.

Hope its not too late Give me one more day And I swear, always I will keep you up to date There’s no territory lost, with out you There’s no telling what time will do A lot better will do a lot better if you Bought a little bit of love

Sexy Americans, look at them.

You’ve got a lotta cats even for cat person. And you’re tea tastes like estrogen And whats that smell? I said whats that smell? Is that you?

I said, “Hey, Boo” cause I didn’t the name But in this godforsaken light they all - look the same Buit I’ve got my self-help books And I’m ready to be pleased to meet you – so very pleased to meet you.

Hope its not too late Give me one more day And I swear, always I will keep you up to date There’s no territory lost, with out you There’s no telling what time will do A lot better will do a lot better if you bought a little bit of love

Sexy Americans, look at them.
Track Name: Tracy, Tracy, Tracy
Tell me one more time that you’re crazy, and I’ll jump into the lake. Watch the fireworks and the wet tshirts and when my hands began to shake. Casey walks into the room in the morning and sees what we’ve begun And in the car staring out of the window, light a scented candle for our love.

Tracy, Tracy, Tracy,

Well some like it old and some like it new but they never stay the same. Over and under together we fall, diet coke to stay awake. When I am older, I will know better but now its my mistake. Some like it old and some like it new, my friends all see my car in your driveway.

Tracy, Tracy, Tracy,

Please dear- take me as I am dear Leave me as I am dear What are you waiting for? Are we waiting for the best from you and me?
And then in a dream I’m in Turtle Creek, skipping stones and smoking rocks. Sleeping in front of daytime TV – Golden Girls and Curly Locks. Tell me one more time that you’re crazy and I swear I’ll shut you up. Some like it old and some like it new
Some just like to watch it fall apart. I like to watch it fall apart.

Tracy, Tracy, Tracy,
Track Name: Carnival of Love
Something about your smell
of a brown leather coat and it screams to me –
I’m gonna do it!

because frankly it’s to easy
With all of the people that you know you

But if that’s how it goes then
That’s how it goes

And I remember in October
Riding the Rock n’ Roll ROLLERCOASTER


Oh oh oh oh oh oh!

Up and down and round we go
When its gonna stop now no one knows
What we gonna see when we hit the top?
Look at all the lights going on and off
On the way down you made me scream
I don’t know why you gotta be so mean
I mean it this time you better make it stop
You’re never ever ever gonna let me off

Oh Baby
Let me down easy!
We at the carnival of Love

It’s so easy
At the carnival of Love

Say, What was her name?
Something like Jill, or James or Jackelyn.
I can’t remember but
She signed my yearbook

And in gym class on the gym mats
Pretending to make love with Blair you said,
Track Name: Hey Mister!
I’ve got quivering shivers- Cold kisses for you. Now you’ve eaten your lovers and your looking for food. What do you? Now your Hands reaching out to me
And they’re touching me nude.
And then I hear you say Hey what’s up mister?
Tell me where you come from - And then I hear you say...
Hey what’s up mister?
Show me what you’re made of! I’m made of Lies. I’m made of Lies.
White faces and unfamiliar places come true. Beautiful creatures blood upon their sneakers in pools. I’m losing patience. I want to make acquaintance with you!
Glad to hear you say, Hey whassup Mister?
Tell me where you come from... I was so glad to hear you say,
Hey wassup Mister
What are you afraid of? I’m afraid of Love. I’m afraid of Love.
Ohhh – I keep my distance, I need to keep my distance Ohhh – I’m artificial, I’m always artificial. Ohhh – Look at me, I feel so pixilated
Hey wassup mister
Show me what you’re made of (Hey Mister – hey hey Mister)
Toughen up Mister What are you afraid of?
Track Name: Perfect Stranger
I like the stickers on your laptop Your fixed gears in the bike shop shaping up
Where did it go?
Where did it go?
Looking mean with a nose ring Girl, you ain’t never met a boy like me.
Show me your love
Show me your love
I can tell you how I feel with a mix-tape Tell me you love me
And did I give you enough?

Well let me fill you up
Go to sleep and wake up
How you spend the night with the Perfect Stranger?

I just tell you what you wanted to hear You and I
You’re on the tip of my tongue You’re on the tip of my tongue.
I’ll throw it all away when I’m done. You and I
Disposable love. I can always buy another one.
But when you come back from that halfway home I’ll know.
That this is for real That this is for real.
Well be sleeping in the Park when the party’s down
Kicking with the creeps all around Was it ever enough?
We can Fuss and Break up.
Go to Sleep and Wake Up.
How did you spend tonight With the Perfect Stranger?

Show Me Your Love Did I Give You Enough?
Now I’m Clearing all my Histories Tippin back that bottle of Listerine. Drink it all up!

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